Saturday, July 20, 2024


Is match coaching turning players into remote-controlled robots?

You've seen it many times on TV; a player seemingly unable to make his...

Take good care of your shuttlecocks – soon the supply might run out

Don't take your favorite feather shuttlecocks for granted. Because sooner or later you may...

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How are shuttlecocks made?

The shuttlecock is arguably the most important part of badminton. If they are not...

Paris Olympics Badminton Draw is here!

It's time to get excited! The 2024 Olympic badminton draw has been made. Find out who your favourite player will face!

What is a shuttlecock?

What is a shuttlecock? The shuttlecock is the most iconic part of badminton and is...

Which shuttlecock should I use?

How to choose a shuttlecock for badminton? There are many different types of shuttlecocks ranging...

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