The longest badminton rally – men’s singles

This badminton rally may be one of the longest men's singles rallies during the most decisive moment in a badminton match.


This men’s singles badminton rally was over 2 minutes long. This is probably the longest badminton rally to take place in an important men’s singles match.

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What a memorable badminton rally moment these two players gave to the audience.

Longest badminton rally at a World Championship

The two-minute-long badminton rally happened when one of the players had a match point in the third game of the quarter-final of the World Championships in 2013. You can also see this video and more badminton videos at Badmintonspeak on YouTube

The players competing were Jan Ø. Jørgensen of Denmark against Nguyễn Tiến Minh of Vietnam. The player from Denmark had played three matches in 3 games prior to the quarterfinal. Therefore, it is even more impressive that he could muster the endurance and stamina required to play such a long rally at the most crucial moment.

Nguyen is not a stranger to playing these physically demanding games and matches. If you search online, you’ll find references to many long games with Nguyen Tien Minh. The same goes for Jan Ø. Jørgensen. On YouTube, you’ll find footage of him playing crazy long games and matches.

What is the average duration of a badminton rally

To put the longest badminton rally into perspective, let’s look at what the average duration of a rally is for men’s singles.

Various sources claim that the average rally length is somewhere between 6-12 seconds and that the break between rallies is twice that. The length of a rally or a match obviously depends on the level of the players competing. The category played is also a factor. It is well documented that women’s doubles tend to offer more long rallies than any other category.

One element is of course the duration it takes for either side to win a point in badminton. But how a point is played is equally decisive for how long players are able to go on.

A fast-paced approach with frequent tempo changes is physically much more challenging than the typical wait-and-see kind of exchange. The latter often involves quite a lot of clears being played with the occasional shot to the mid-court of the opponent’s side.

A study was done after the London Olympics. This study outlines various stats on rally lengths for all badminton categories. But it also provides details on the age, height, and weight of the badminton athletes.
> Download the study here.

Another study was completed in 2020 with a focus on Long Rallies and Next Rally Performances in Elite Men’s and Women’s Badminton.
> You can access that study at no cost to you here

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