This drop shot trickshot is a way to surprise your opponent on the badminton court. Check the video to see Anders Antonsen demonstrate the drop shit trickshot with a little help from his brother Kasper Antonsen and his friend Oliver Babic.

(P.S. This deceptive drop shot does not have a name yet – if you have a name suggestion, please leave a comment)

Drop shot deception from the backcourt

In badminton, deception shots are difficult to master, and once you do, you should use trick shots sparingly. The Antonsen drop shot trickshot is a deception that could (only) win you 1 or 2 points in an actual game. But if you manage that, the impact will be significant.

Your opponent might get frustrated because they were tricked by your drop shot. And you, of course, will likely feel very good about winning the point and having deceived your opponent with your trickshot.

But make no mistake. Before you use this drop trickshot in a game, you must master the deception shot to perfection. The video on this page will show you how. Make sure you practice it again and again on the practice court and in fun games before you consider applying the trickshot in a competitive badminton match.

Practicing badminton trick shots helps you improve your badminton skills

In the video coach Kasper Antonsen, brother of Anders Antonsen and a former pro player himself, explains that practicing trick shots will help badminton players improve their touch, timing, general badminton skills, and other areas of their game. See the video here

Badminton experts and former pro players often mention that badminton player development has become too structured, planned, and organized in an elitarian way. They say that there isn’t enough time for young players to “goof around” on the court.

As a result, young badminton players no longer pay enough attention to the natural process of experimenting with all sorts of badminton shots. Practicing trick shots with friends, parents, or siblings is a great way to experiment on the badminton court.

P.S. Anders Antonsen is considered to have an exceptional technical badminton technique. As a young player, he spent a lot of time goofing around the courts with his brother and – for example – his childhood friend, Rasmus Gemke, who happened to live on the same street as Anders and his brothers in Aarhus, Denmark.


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