Let’s be honest. In badminton, it is rare to experience sponsor appreciation. Perhaps because we, the fans and followers of badminton, tend to take sponsors for granted. We shouldn’t. Because it is in everyone’s interest to help sponsors benefit from their involvement in badminton.

At Badmintonspeak we believe that it is our collective responsibility to support the organizations who support the sport of badminton. So let’s start doing that.

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This sponsor appreciation article relates to the recent KFF Singapore Badminton Open.

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Huge shout-out and thanks to the sponsors of the KFF Singapore Badminton Open

The Super 750 tournament was brilliantly organized by the Singapore Badminton Association. The following organizations were the main sponsors for the KFF Singapore Badminton Open 2024 in Singapore.

Karim Family Foundation – smart philanthropy supporting the Singapore Badminton Open for the second year in a row

The Karim Family Foundation (KFF) is the philanthropic arm of the Karim/Sukwanto family. The foundation is focused on 4 pillars – namely; sports development, arts & culture, mental health, and education.

KFF was the title sponsor of the Singapore Badminton Open in 2023 and 2024.

-> Check out the website of KFF here
-> Why does KFF support sport with philanthropy?
-> Listen to Cindy Karim talk about badminton and philanthropy in this podcast

JK Technology presenting sponsor in Singapore

A long-time supporter of badminton in Singapore, JK Tech is a one-stop IT solution service center in Singapore. Mr. Eugene Ang is the managing director of JK Technology. Listen to his words of encouragement in this video:

JK Technology was one of the main supporters of the Singapore Badminton Open in 2024. The firm has been supporting quite a few badminton-related activities throughout the years.

Whenever an organization shows such great support for the sport of badminton, our badminton community really must reciprocate. That’s part of sponsor appreciation.

Follow JK Tech Singapore on Facebook here

Let’s also appreciate these key badminton sponsors

100 Plus

100 Plus is the category pioneer in isotonic drinks. They are part of the Fraser & Neave group of businesses.

Follow on Instagram
See 100 Plus on Facebook

BWL – Best World Lifestyle

Since 1990, BWL has been developing premium quality products for beauty, health, and wellness.

Follow BWL on Facebook or check out their products on the website.

Badminton sponsor Corum watches

Corum premium watches

Corum has been rafting avant-garde luxury timepieces that represent creative and daring watchmaking since 1955

See more on Instagram
See premium timepieces on the website

A.M. aesthetics Singapore

Medical aesthetic services for Asian skin conditions, A.M Aesthetic provides an authentic and comfortable experience for you.

-> See clinics and treatments on the website
-> Follow on Facebook

Bauerfeind – orthopedic solutions for badminton

Bauerfeind manufactures orthopedic products and is a premium Brand in Orthoses, Compression Socks, Insoles, Footwear, and Measurement Technologies.

-> See orthopedic solutions for badminton players

Eagle Brand – Medicated oils

Best known for its Green Oil, Eagle Brand also offers medicated oils for badminton players.

-> See what’s new on their Facebook page

Badminton muscle rub from Eagle Brand - sponsorship appreciation

Starry Homestead logo badminton appreciation

Starry Homestead – an interior design firm

A leading interior design firm in Singapore, Starry Homestead excels in transforming environments into bespoke sanctuaries of aesthetic elegance and functional finesse.

-> Get inspiration on Instagram

Sponsorship appreciation for these contributing sponsors

In addition to the main sponsors listed above, we would also like to acknowledge the following contributors to the KFF Singapore Badminton Open 2024 tournament:

  • Winbox – sports betting and online gaming in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia
  • Foundit – jobs portal (formerly Monster)
  • GAIA Group – Indonesian gourmet and lifestyle group
  • Tote Board Singapore – As a broad-based grantmaking organization, Tote Board contributes towards building an inclusive, resilient, and vibrant community through our grants. Tote Board supports worthy causes in the community.


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