Which is the best badminton academy?

There are many private and independent badminton academies around the world. At the semi-professional and professional levels, these academies typically cater to badminton players who aren’t (yet) accepted in the National Elite Training Centers.

But where is the best badminton academy in the world? Is it even possible to determine?

Badmintonspeak visited the Yonex Peter Gade Academy in Copenhagen to talk with Peter Gade – a former world number 1 and now head coach at YPGA. We also spoke with some players who were attending the badminton academy in Denmark at the time of filming.

Peter Gade initially founded the academy. He is a former world number 1 in men’s singles and is considered among the badminton legends. Based in Denmark, the academy is now owned and supported by Yonex and attracts badminton players from all over the world.

Meet Yonex Peter Gade Academy – a badminton academy in Denmark designed to develop pro and semi-pro badminton players

Best Badminton Academy facts for YPGA

The YPGA (Yonex Peter Gade Academy) is located in Denmark. Here are some quick facts about the academy

  • Training takes place 5 days a week from around 8:30 – 11:30
  • The academy uses facilities at Gentofte Badminton Club and Copenhagen Badminton Club
  • Approved Yonex-sponsored players can attend the academy at no cost
  • Non-Yonex players can apply to attend and will be subject to paying a fee for joining the academy, if accepted
  • Players can commit to join for days, weeks, or months
  • The head coach is Peter Gade. Competent assistant badminton coaches are also on the court to help players develop.

If you want to know more, check the Instagram account for the academy, and don’t forget to subscribe to Badmintonspeak here

Badminton training and development facilities in Europe are trailing those in Asia

In Asia, there are many professionally managed badminton training and development academies. In countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and India there is a decent number of badminton training facilities. Most of them offer coaching by former world-class players.

In Europe, however, there aren’t many options for daily training at a professional center. The exceptions are YPGA in Denmark, the Badminton Europe-controlled Center of Excellence in Denmark, and a few options that offer intensive training for shorter periods in the off-season window.

For anyone truly interested in developing their badminton skills, exploring the options in Asia is recommended. Badminton Speak might be able to guide you. Start by getting our newsletter here to stay tuned.



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