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Badminton coaching is necessary for everyone to improve. If you are trying to help your child, teach your younger siblings, or want to get into coaching we have content for you. Learn how to coach effectively and some tips from existing pro coaches.

parent coaching in sports
Is it a good idea for parents to coach their children in badminton? Oliver Shepherd asked sport and performance psychologist Muhammed Deen of MD Performance Psychology. Mr. Deen is originally from the United Kingdom but...
Peter Gade Academy
Is this the best badminton academy in the world - click to see video Peter Gade, the former world number 1 from Denmark and a current Yonex Legend, recently introduced a new online initiative. For years...
Clutch app badminton analytics
Badminton analytics can be very helpful to players and coaches at all levels. In this review, we'll introduce you to a new AI-driven (Artificial Intelligence-driven) smartphone app. It was developed by a team of badminton...