Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Badminton Speak

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Michael Leander

CEO, co-founder

When he first experienced the world of badminton in 2018, he was immediately hooked. He genuniely believes that badminton has more to offer than just about any other sport.

Oliver Shepherd

COO, co-founder

An innovative badminton thinker, Mr. Shepherd has been involved with badminton in many capacities. He is well versed in the commercial and development aspects of the sport.

Jesper Spang


With his feet firmly planted in the ground, Mr. Spang brings very significant experience to the Badminton Speak team. He's been involved with all aspects of badminton and technology.

Who we are

Badminton Speak is an online media production and distribution company. We cover important topics, latest news and highlight the professional sport of badminton. The goal is to engage the global badminton community.

The aim of Badminton Speak is to become the preferred media for badminton. We will achievea leading position through exclusive interviews, indepth articles, and fast facts for badminton lovers around the world.


To become the global fan favoured and preferred media source for badminton.


For badminton to be recognised as a commercially viable sport with a passionate fanbase


To create intriguing solutions for the badminton community and engage audiences.

What we do

Media Production

PR & Digital marketing

Industry & Consumer insights

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