Who are the top badminton countries in 2023 and beyond?

The official BWF country ranking for badminton is a good indication of which countries are doing best overall. Check below to see where your country ranks on the current list. The list includes 118 badminton countries from around the world.

Country team badminton ranking – how it is done by BWF

The ranking done by BWF (Badminton World Federation) takes into account the following:

  • country team placement at Sudirman Cup
  • country team placement at Thomas Cup
  • country team placement at Uber Cup
  • placement of the top player or double/mixed-doubles from each country in each of the 5 categories.
    Depending on the placement a certain amount of points is awarded. F.ex. if a country’s highest-placed single player is number 2 on the world ranking, the country is awarded 1.500 points, if the highest-ranked player is number 5 on world ranking list, the country is awarded 1.200 points, and so on.

The World Team Country Ranking is updated every 3 months.

Top 10 badminton countries in the world

Since the first top badminton countries ranking in 2011, the countries included in the top 10 have been more or less the same. China has been dominating the top-of-the-list of the badminton country ranking since 2011.

Here is the top 10 badminton country ranking – updated April 4, 2023 (you may have to scroll to see the full table)

9TPEChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei1200120010005005002000100010008400
The top 10 badminton countries in the world as per the latest ranking data (Source: BWF)

See the ranking for all badminton countries here

The top badminton countries in Europe are …

Denmark has been a constant fixture on the list of top 10 countries since 2011.
Currently, European countries such as Germany, France, England, and Spain are the countries to watch out for. One or more of them may very well have a shot at becoming the next European number 1.

Top badminton countries outside Asia and Europe

The countries to watch out for are Canada, the United States of America, Egypt, and perhaps even Brazil. But also United Arab Emirates (UAE) where badminton recently has enjoyed renewed focus from the powers that be.

Is this the method to identify the number 1 badminton country?

At Badmintonspeak we believe that BWF’s current country ranking method gives a reasonably accurate picture of the best badminton countries. What is your opinion? Please use the comment section to let us know

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