Handmade shuttlecocks nowadays are a rarity. The production of feather shuttlecocks these days is mostly manufactured using automation and machines. But one factory in a small village in India continues to produce shuttlecocks by hand.

Shuttlecocks made by hand in West Bengal

Producing quality shuttlecocks by hand involves real craftsmanship.

Jadurberia village in India is the shuttlecock capital of India. In this small village, workers have been making badminton birdies for generations. But the rise of mechanized assembly lines and the popularity of synthetic shuttlecocks are threatening to shut down small factories like the Niyogi family’s Dodo Shuttles.

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Where to buy badminton shuttlecocks – also known as birdies?

Badminton shuttlecocks are sold online and in many sports shops. Below you’ll find links to different brands offering shuttlecocks of different qualities and prices.

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