Which countries are ranked as the best badminton nations in the world?

The BWF World Team Ranking has just been updated. It ranks all badminton nations in the world using a special points system.

China is still the number 1 badminton nation in the world. 8 of the top 10 best badminton nations are from Asia and the point distance between number 1 and 14 (German) is now nearly 10.000 points – and that’s quite significant.

Since last quarter, there have been no changes in the top 4. Denmark, however, has dropped two places from fifth to seventh while India and Malaysia now have taken 5th and 6th place.

In this older article, you can read about how the World Team Ranking is calculated

Top 25 countries in the world – Badminton ranking for nations

Rank CountryPlayer MSWSMDWDXDSCTCUCTotal points
1 CHNChinaChina1500150015001500150050001000200015500
2 KORKoreaKorea750150015001500120040001000250013950
3 JPNJapanJapan1200120012001500150030001500150012600
4 INAIndonesiaIndonesia1500120012001200100020002000100011100
5 INDIndiaIndia120010001500100050015002500100010200
6 MASMalaysiaMalaysia1000750120010001200300010007509900
7 DENDenmarkDenmark1500750120050012002000150010009650
8 THAThailandThailand1200100050012001200200075015009350
9 TPEChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei10001500120050010002000100010009200
10 FRAFranceFrance10005005001000100015007506756925
11 HKGHong Kong ChinaHong Kong10005001251000120012504686006143
12 SGPSingaporeSingapore120010002505001000150067506125
13 CANCanadaCanada75075050050050015006757505925
14 GERGermanyGermany50075050050050013507507505600
15 USAU.S.A.U.S.A.50012005005005008006756755350
16 ENGEnglandEngland5002501000250500135075004600
17 ESPSpainSpain500120025025025087507504075
18 BRABrazilBrazil7507502502505007504003754025
19 AUSAustraliaAustralia250500125500500135006753900
20 NEDNetherlandsNetherlands75025012550010001135003760
21 SCOScotlandScotland1007505005005001135003485
22 EGYEgyptEgypt2502505012525013503006753250
23 MEXMexicoMexico5005002502502507003753133138
24 GUAGuatemalaGuatemala7502502501251256253133502788
25 KAZKazakhstanKazakhstan50010050501259354684682695

The 25 highest-placed countries on the World Team Event Ranking from BWF

The next world ranking update will include Thomas Cup and Uber Cup results

The much-awaited Thomas Cup and Uber Cup are happening at the end of April/beginning of May. Following the completion of these two events, the top 10 ranking might change quite a bit. France, for example, cannot defend their 750 Thomas Cup points because they are not participating in the Thomas Cup this year.

Similarly, India, the reigning Thomas Cup Champion, must defend their 2.500 Thomas Cup points. We think the India men’s team will be hard-pressed to win the Thomas Cup again this year. They’ll likely achieve a semifinal placement, which means they’ll lose 1.000 points in the World Ranking for Countries.

Also, Denmark is charged with defending their semifinal from the last Thomas Cup Tournament. We think the Denmark team might fail to qualify for the semifinals this year. If that is the case, they too will drop points in the World Team ranking.

When will Asia completely dominate the top 10 list of the best badminton nations in the world?

Let’s be honest. Asian countries have been dominating badminton for quite a few years now. In our opinion, this will continue for many years.

In recent years, only two non-Asian countries have made it to the top 10 list – namely France and Denmark.
While there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for badminton in France, badminton in Denmark has been losing momentum in recent years. Hence, it is likely that France will overtake Denmark’s position as the leading European badminton nation within the next 5-7 years.

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