There are many benefits associated with playing badminton. For starters, it is fun for players on all levels. Secondly, the health benefits of playing badminton are well documented. Unlike many other sports, playing badminton gives you a full-body workout.

Finally, it is easy to get started with badminton. You can rent or borrow a badminton racquet, rent a court for an hour, buy a few shuttlecocks (birdies), and enjoy. If it turns out you wish to continue playing badminton, do make sure you get some proper badminton shoes.

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Badminton benefits infographic

More badminton benefits

There are many more benefits of playing badminton. Here are just a few:

Badminton improves muscle strength
Badminton boosts your muscle strength making you strong and fit. The continuous movements from here to there build up your muscle mass. A regular badminton session will tone your muscles nicely. Badminton also boosts up your core muscles, calves, quads, and hamstrings.

Strengthens your bones
Regular badminton exercise will gradually reduce the risk of bone fractures. The back-and-forth movements of hands, legs, and arms, develop calcium matrix in your bones strengthening the bones within. This also enhances your physical appearance. But, alas, you won’t get pumped like a body-builder 😉

Helps with weight loss
Fed up with starving diets and low calories in your quest to lose weight? Then start burning calories by engaging in a badminton match or a badminton training session. Depending on your level and intensity, just one hour of badminton will burn anywhere between 300-600 calories. How’s that for an added bonus…

Increase your lung capacity
A regular badminton match increases your lung capacity. The lung capacity of a badminton player is higher compared to a normal person. It is our Adrenal hormones that indirectly affect the respiratory system. This indirect connection links with your medulla oblongata making your lungs work more quickly, with pace. Ironically the play which rushes your lungs to catch enough breath while playing enhances your lung capacity!

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