Learn the best multi-shuttle feeding technique with Tony Gunawan. See how you can do multi-shuttle feeding and self-training at the same time.

Multi-shuttle feeding and self-training

In the video, the former Olympic gold medalist and World Champion shows his best multi-feeding techniques. In the video below, Tony Gunawan highlights these multi-feeding tips:

  • How to self-train with good multi-feeding skills
  • Different methods to feed the shuttle from hand to racquet
  • Ways to improve the multi-shuttle feeding speed

Multi-feeding tips from Tony Gunawan – video

Multi-shuttle feeding tips from Tony Gunawan – former Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion (Doubles)

Use shuttle feeding techniques for solo training

What’s unique about Tony’s approach is how he explains using multi-shuttle feeding techniques to do self-training on the badminton court. He also explains specific details and reasons why one specific method is better – and faster – for multi-shuttle feeding.

On those occasions when you have no one to practice with, this would make for a good solo badminton practice session. It allows you to practice the typical “feeder shots” whilst drilling movement around the court coupled with practicing precision (placement of your shots).

Who is Tony Gunawan?

Tony is a former Olympic gold medalist and world champion for Indonesia, and later a world champion for the United States. He is regarded by many, including his peers, as one of the greatest doubles players in badminton’s history.

Gunawan played for Indonesia for 10 years from 1992 to 2001 and for the USA from 2001 onwards. Thankfully, Tony is still involved in badminton as a coach and mentor.

Tony married Indonesian doubles player Etty Tantri in Las Vegas. They have two children together.

Do you need a feeding machine to practice?

Lots of badminton players have experienced feeding from a machine. That is a good alternative if you have no one to practice with.

In our opinion, a machine cannot effectively substitute human skills when it comes to badminton training. At least not yet. The trick is to make sure that you, your training partners, and your coaches become really good at multi-feeding. That is the best method to help each other improve your badminton skills.

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