Are you considering a career in sports management? If so, you might qualify for a BWF scholarship to enroll in the Bachelor of International Sports Management degree program. There are several scholarships available for qualified badminton players each year.

The course is structured with athletes in mind. The online Bachelor’s program can be completed in three years of full-time study or up to ten years of part-time study. The course is offered by Federation University (Australia) in collaboration with the World Academy of Sports. You may qualify for a scholarship from BWF.

A career in sports management offers a host of opportunities. This degree can lead to roles in business development, marketing, analytics, project management, event management, different digital marketing roles, or becoming a professional player-manager. Scholarships from BWF helps take the financial burden off the shoulders of badminton athletes.

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Players such as Australian National player Gronya Somerville and Georges Julien Paul – a men’s singles player from Mauritius – have completed the program on a full or partial scholarship.

Dual career scholarship for post-graduate studies

Apart from the Bachelor’s program, BWF also offers a scholarship for post-graduate studies. This program is also done in collaboration with the World Academy of Sports.

Georges Julien Paul – the Mauritian men’s single player – applied and was granted a scholarship. He explained to BWF:

“I did my degree in marketing management. I was looking for another course as I cannot start working now, and I want to build up more of my educational side. So when I stop playing, I have a backup with my studies. I tried to enroll (for the BWF-WaOS program), and I was really happy and lucky to get the scholarship,” said Paul, currently ranked No.103, who has enrolled in the September 2022 batch.

“Mauritius is quite small and it’s not very easy to be a full-time athlete as we aren’t getting enough funds to be full-time athletes. So every athlete in Mauritius needs to have a backup plan, in terms of studies. So this is my backup plan.”

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