Viktor Axelsen book: Viktor Axelsen has just released a new autobiography. The book is entitled “Vindervilje” (which roughly translates to The Will to Win). The book is about Viktor’s career and offers lots of tips and good advice. 

The book makes for an interesting read for any fan of Axelsen and badminton fans in general.

Viktor Axelsen’s book was originally published in Danish. The English edition is expected to be published in 2024. As a reader, you get a chance to win a copy. We will ship the Viktor Axelsen book to your home address.

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Badminton Speak is working on more details. Meanwhile, read an excerpt from the book (translated from Danish to English by Google Translate):

Viktor Axelsen book excerpt

Google translated excerpt of the Viktor Axelsen book:

I am of the opinion that if we elite athletes have to take a purely political approach to where we are going to play, then there are a great many countries where that is not an option.

VIktor Axelsen book

My approach is that in the countries where tournaments are held – and where Danish companies operate and Danish citizens, including politicians, go on holiday – it is also okay for me to be there. We play tournaments in Dubai, we play in China.

We played official championships in Russia until there was an official political boycott of the country. Because then it’s a different matter – athletes must of course also stop traveling in a certain country.

But in the end, I found it difficult to see that I should be given greater responsibility than the rest of official Denmark. I know what’s going on in the Middle East, and I also know that Qatar has been awarded the World Cup in football.

Again, a state boycott would be needed so that the footballers do not play there. I don’t think we can expect a higher political morality from athletes than the rest of the Danish people and the top of Danish business life.

Dubai was the solution I felt had the most benefits overall. Going to Switzerland, Monaco, or whatever else people have written about online, was not at all on the table. It was the badminton setup that did the talking. These were my opportunities in everyday life and not the zeros on the check because then I should have chosen another sport to become the best in the world.

You can purchase the Viktor Axelsen book in Danish here

Viktor Axelsen book about badminton and how to achieve great results is a great inspiration for any badminton player. Parents of talented badminton players will also find a lot of inspiration by reading the Viktor Axelsen book.

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