Once again Asia dominated the BWF World Junior Championships.

European badminton nations Denmark, France, and Germany were represented in a measly 4 out of 20 quarterfinals. Except for one player from the USA, the rest of the quarterfinalists all represented the Asian continent.

World Junior Championships for men’s singles

131 men’s singles players from 47 countries participated in the tournament in Santander, Spain.

The quarterfinalists were all from Asia except for Alex Lanier of France. He lost the quarterfinal to Kuo Kuan-Lin in three sets. In the semifinals, India’s Subramanian won against Teeraratsakul from Thailand in straight sets – and Kuo Kuan-Lin of Taiwan overcame fierce competition by winning in 3-sets over Byung Jae Kim of Korea.

It took Kuo Kuan-Lin only 48 minutes to win the World Junior Championships in straight sets. Runner-up was S.SANKAR MUTHUSAMY SUBRAMANIAN of India.

World Junior Champion 2022: Kuo Kuan-Lin from Chinese Taipei.

Women’s singles world junior championships 2022

123 women’s singles players from 45 countries participated in the tournament in Santander, Spain.

Ella Lin from the USA fought her way to the quarterfinal where she lost in straight sets to Yuan An Qi from China. The rest of the quarterfinals were played between players representing Asian countries.

The semifinals went down as follows:

China’s Yuan An Qi ousted Indonesia’s Ester Wardoyo in three sets
Japan’s Tomoka Miyazaki overpowered her compatriot Sorano Yoshikawa in straight sets.

The final was a close match between China and Japan. Following 1 hour and 21 minutes of play, the 16-year-old Tomoka Miyazaki of Japan came out victorious winning 21-14, 20-22, 21-17 to become the 2022 World Junior Champion women’s singles.

Tomoka Miyazaki is one to watch. In spite of her – comparatively – small stature, she is an extraordinary talent

Mixed doubles – One European pair made it to the quarterfinals

120 mixed doubles pairs from 44 countries entered the mixed-doubles competition.

Asian nations also dominated the mixed doubles finals. Only one European pair made it to the quarterfinals. They lost to China’s Hao/Zhi in three sets.

The semis was a showdown between four pairs from China. Yi/Xin and Jun/Shu would go on to the finals.

Following a little over an hour of play, Zhu Yi Jun with Liu Sheng Shu earned the title of World Junior Champion 2022 mixed doubles

Men’s doubles world junior championships 2022

79 pairs from 42 countries took part in the men’s doubles competition in Spain.

All quarterfinalists represented Asian countries except one pair from Spain. Daniel Franco and Ruben Garcia were ousted by Gaterahong/Jintamuttha of Thailand in straight sets.

The semifinals were played between pairs from Korea, Indonesia, China, and Thailand.

The final was a close match between Muh Putra Erwiansyah / Patra Harapan Rindorndo of Indonesia on one side and Xu Hua Yu / Zhu Yi Jun on the other side. Following a little over an hour of play, the Chinese pair could celebrate the World Junior Championship. They won the third set by 22-20.

World Junior Championship 2022 women’s double

80 women’s doubles pairs entered. They represented 42 different countries

Except for French pair Malya Hoareau / Camille Pognante, all quarterfinalists were from Asian countries. The French pair lost in straight sets to Japan’s Kokona Ishikawa / Riko Kiyose.

The semifinals were played in three games and all took over an hour. In the end, one Indonesian and one pair from China qualified for the final.

The final was a one-sided affair with Chinas Liu Sheng Su / Wang Ting Ge overpowering Sari/Rose from Indonesia in just 33 minutes. The new world junior champions in women’s doubles were Liu Sheng Su / Wang Ting Ge from China.

Asian dominance is very real

As mentioned previously only 4 non-Asians qualified for the quarterfinals. All semifinals turned out to be a showdown between players from Asian countries.


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