The European Mixed Team Badminton Championships is held every two years. It is organized by Badminton Europe. The competition has become an interesting championship to watch. The first championship took place in Karlskrona, Sweden in 1972.

The tournament is organized in two steps. First a qualification stage and then, a few months later, the finals.

For the European Mixed Team Badminton Championships qualification, participating countries are divided be divided into a number of qualification groups. Each qualification is played in a different location somewhere in Europe. The winner of each group will qualify for the championships. In recent years, the finals were a competition between 8 European nations.

In addition, the most recent Champion and the host country are (typically) automatically qualified for the finals.

Team event structure of the European Mixed Team Championships

Each team event consists of five matches, one in each of the two singles and three doubles categories. The playing order of matches depends on the player roster for any given match.

In the qualification round, all five matches in each team event are completed. In the Championship finals, matches are played until one mixed team has won three matches. If a winner is found after the first three matches have been played, the remaining two matches will not be played.

Past winners of the Mixed Team Championship in Europe

Denmark has won the tournament 18 times, England 5 times, and Sweden 2 times. Currently, Denmark’s winning streak is on 5 before the 2023 mixed team championships take place in France. In terms of medal ranking points, England is currently a close second to Denmark

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Breakdown of medals won by country since 1972

Mixed team events upset

Most years the favorites went on to win the mixed team championships in Europe. But in 2013, Germany beat Denmark 3-0 in the final. It happened as a result of Denmark’s favorites in men’s singles and women’s doubles losing their matches.


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