Would you like to check or monitor the tension of your badminton strings? Or would you like to verify that your badminton supplier delivered the right string tension when your racket has been restrung?

Then you might want to try out Stringster – a free app for Android and iPhone.

With this app, you are able to monitor the actual and current tension of any badminton racket.

Check string tension regularly

The elasticity of your badminton strings will reduce over time. In fact, even hours after a racket has been newly strung, the string tension is reduced by somewhere between 5-10%. That means you lose a certain percentage of energy generated by the strings initially. Over time, the tension is further reduced.

So in effect, if you think you are playing with a tension of – say – 13 kilograms (app. 26 pounds), you are not. It is also likely that some strings – in combination with specific rackets – lose less tension over time than others.

Meet Stringster – the free app

Stringster is a free app. It helps you monitor or check the actual tension of your strings. It is relatively easy to set up and use. In the video below Martin Hargrave gives you a step-by-step demonstration of how the app works.

The elasticity of the strings – and thus their energy – decreases over time. The Stringster application helps you to monitor the loss of tension over time and to identify the right point of time to replace your strings.

Moreover, Stringster enables you to experiment with different types of strings, string diameters, and tension levels. This enables you to better understand which strings stay “fresh” and for how long.

How to set up and use Stringster?

Want to know more about strings, tension, and such?

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What’s great about fresh strings?

Needless to say, stringing your racquets regularly can be an expensive affair. You should, however, remember the benefit of new strings. These include:

  • better feel for the ball
  • more repulsion power
  • more controlled strokes
  • better shock-damping performance to keep your arm joints healthy

Your wallet may suffer a bit when you restring your racquets regularly, but your badminton game will benefit. To many of us, that’s more important than money, right? 😉


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