Injuries are prevalent in the sport of badminton. That’s why it is extremely important to incorporate injury prevention training in your fitness program.

injuries are unavoidable. injury prevention training can reduce the chance of getting injured

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This article will explain how you can reduce the risk of badminton injuries. You will get expert advice on which exercise you should do in order to avoid getting injured while playing badminton.

This a simple tip you’ve heard a million times before…

It is hopefully no surprise that an effective warm-up is one of the best things you can do to avoid getting injured on the court.
A thorough warm-up gets your muscles warm – your muscles work best at temperatures of around 40-degree celsius. But a good warm-up also increases blood flow and oxygen to your muscles.
In addition, a proper warm-up will increase the speed of your nerve impulses, which makes you act and react faster. But warming up will also increase the range of motion at your joints, which reduces the risk of tearing muscles and ligaments.

Injury prevention training exercises for all badminton players

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