Badminton world ranking update 6 December 2022

There was no movement in badminton ranking top 10 since last week. Viktor Axelsen is still number 1 and will retain that spot at year-end. He is approximately 29.000 points ahead of Lee Zii Jia.

Lee did not qualify for the World Tour Final and hence will likely lose his 2nd position on the world ranking.

In third place is Loh of Singapore. If he wins the World Tour Final, he will climb from number 3 to number 2. The same is true for Chou of Taiwan.

The biggest movements in the top 100 came from:
– Lino Munoz of Mexico lost his top 100 spot. He dropped 14 places to number 111
– Kartikey Gulshan Kumar of India moved up 10 spots to number 75
– Young Alex Lanier of France moved up 8 places to number 74
– Julien Carragi of Belgium dropped 6 places to number 81
– Jan Louda of the Czech Republic moved 6 places to number 63 as a result of his final at Welsh International last week
– The Welsh International winner, Mads Christophersen of Denmark, jumped just 2 spots to number 56

Badminton world ranking update 15 November 2022

The movers and shakers in the world of men’s singles badminton:

– Kento Momota dropped 1 place. He is now number 10
– Anders Antonsen dropped 3 places. He is now placed at number 8
– Christie and Ginting both moved 2 places up and are now in 5th and 6th place respectively
– Viktor Axelsen is still number 1, Lee Zii Jia number 2, and Loh Kean Yew number 3 on the BWF world ranking


Lin Chun Yi badminton
Lin Chun Yi moving up in the men’s singles ranking

Lin Chun-Yi (born 1999) from Chinese Taipei moved up 7 places to number 49. With a winning record this year of 38 matches won and only 5 lost, Lin Chun-Yi is one to watch in the near future.

Riku Hatano (born 2001) from Japan moved up 5 places to number 81 on the BWF world-ranking

– Mads Christophersen (born 1997) from Denmark dropped 8 places to number 58

– Marc Caljouw (born 1995) from the Netherlands dropped 7 places to number 34

– Sitthikom Thammasin (born 1995) from Thailand dropped 6 places to number 38 on the ranking

No. 1: Lee Chong-Wei, Malaysia
No. 2: Lin Dan, China
No. 3: Chen Long, China
Current world number 1, Viktor Axelsen, was placed at number 25 on 16 November 2012

November 8, 2022, Badminton Speak comments:
Since last – movements in the top 10:
– Kento Momota has moved further down the list. The former world number 1 is now in ninth place. Since he is currently not playing, it is certain that he will drop out of the top 10 very soon.
– Anders Antonsen also continues his downward slope. He moved two places down and is now in the 5th position. The same can be said for Ginting of Indonesia. He moved down 2 places to number 8.
– Singaporean Loh moved up to 3rd place slightly ahead of Chou but is still app. 10.000 ranking points behind Lee Zia Jia who currently occupies second place in the world ranking. Both are expected to play at the BWF Tour Finals, which is a good chance to win a lot of ranking points.
– Lakshya Sen of India also enjoyed a move in the right direction. He is now placed at number 6, two places up from last week
– Viktor Axelsen of Denmark is still world number 1 – leading the pack nearly 30.000 points ahead of Chou in second place.

Since last – noteworthy movements outside the top 10:
Full BWF ranking list here
– Denmark’s “grand old man” Hans Kristian Vittinghus is on a downward trajectory. He dropped 6 places and now sits at number 26. Similarly, Varma of India dropped 5 places to take up the 33rd place – just 1 position away from the guaranteed entry to all major tournaments.
– Canadian Jason Anthony Ho-Shue took a major dive. He did a freefall from the 62nd to the 88th position. Thailand’s Khosit Phetpradab suffered a similar fate. He dropped 22 places and now sits at 83rd place
– Chia Hai Lee took an impressive 9 positions, moving from 75 to 66. Good for him.
– Spaniard Luis Enrique Penalver dived 7 places from 52nd to 59th place.
– Malaysian Liew Darren also took a dive. To be precise, he lost 8 places from 31st to 37th – and is now “living” outside the top 32 sweet spot

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