Viktor Axelsen recently toured North America. The world number 1 played exhibition matches and did his best to help promote the sport of badminton.

Exhibition match – Viktor Axelsen vs. Brian Yang (Canada)

Brian Yang is a young Canadian badminton player currently ranked in the top 32 of the BWF World Ranking. Brian has trained with Victor in Dubai on numerous occasions. Thanks to Youtuber “Feedmydog” for sharing this video

Victor Axelsen playing an exhibition match at Richmond Olympic Oval in Richmond, BC Canada

Viktor Axelsen North America tour in Seattle, Washington

Viktor Axelsen Exhibition Event in Washington (State) was hosted by Derrick Ng. In this video, you see a glimpse of Axelsen’s game against William Hu (the highest ever MS rank is 317). While he did his best, it is fair to say that William Hu was a bit overmatched by the tall Dane.

Thanks to Austin Hunter for posting. Check out his channel for more badminton videos

Viktor Axelsen Q&A from Audience, Richmond, BC, Canada

At the venue near Vancouver, Viktor answered questions from the audience in Chinese and English.

Axelsen impressed the audience when he answered questions in Chinese. Thanks to Peter in Vancouver for uploading this and other videos

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