The IOC Athlete 365 is an online learning platform for athletes and their entourage. Developed by the International Olympic Committee, the platform is free to access. At we’ve found a lot of great resources on the platform. While some of the content is very specific to Olympians, there is also a lot of content, which may benefit badminton players at any level.

Badminton players (and their support team) might find these online learning topics of interest:

– Sports medicine – understanding sports injuries
– Physical preparation – learn how to reach your peak physical condition
– Sports psychology – learn how to manage emotions and deal with setbacks
– Sleep to compete – manage your sleep
– Mentoring – how to connect with a mentor
– Career planning – how to prepare for a life after sport

There are also courses available dealing with sports management, business, coaching, and much more. In addition, you can learn about the different IOC academic programs for athletes and coaches.

You (and your support team) can get free access by registering here

The IOC Athlete platform also offers a ton of articles relevant to aspiring, current, and former Olympians. This article about mentoring and how to prepare for a future career is just one example.

Free tips and advice for badminton players

The IOC 365 offers a lot of tips relevant to badminton players. Here are just a few articles relevant to badminton players (and athletes involved in any other sport):

White paper: Life after sport – why athletes need to prepare
Mentally fit: Toby Penty don’t be afraid to ask for help
Finance: Don’t stop dreaming (IOC can help)

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