A study showed that people who play badminton regularly can expect to live over 6 years longer. This is compared to people who have a more sedentary lifestyle (that is, an inactive lifestyle). Improving life expectancy is not guaranteed, but your chances improve if you engage in badminton regularly.

The Copenhagen City Heart Study (CCHS) study ran for 25 years and was completed in 2017. It tracked over 8.000 people for this period of time. As a result, the study was able to make conclusions related to life expectancy

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Racket sports are best at improving life expectancy

The CCHS study concluded that people actively involved in rackets sports tennis or badminton are likely to live much longer than people with an inactive lifestyle.

The increase in life expectancy for different sports compared to the life expectancy of people with an inactive lifestyle was:

  • 9.7 years – Tennis
  • 6.2 years – Badminton
  • 4.7 years – Football (Soccer)
  • 3.7 years – Cycling
    3.4 years – Swimming
  • 3.2 years – Jogging
  • 3.1 years – Calisthenics
  • 1.5 years – Health Club (Fitness Club/Gym)

Researchers were surprised to note that tennis came out on top. However, the study deduced that the educational background of tennis players vs. other sports tracked in the study plays a role in the increase in life expectancy years.

How can badminton enthusiasts use this information?

At Badmintonspeak.com we believe it is important to promote the sport of badminton as often as possible. Lots of folks don’t know the benefits of playing badminton. If you are keen on helping grow the sport, let people know that badminton adds years to people’s life expectancy.

Playing badminton at any level regularly is beneficial on so many levels. It improves general well-being, mental health, and physical health. Badminton also improves the social circle of anyone involved in the game. All of these factors, contribute to an increase in life expectancy.

Finally, let’s not forget that playing badminton is fun no matter which level you play at. And badminton can be played by people of all ages. There are lots of senior citizens who still play when they have turned 75 years of age.


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