Is it Lin Dan? Kento Momota? Chen Long? Viktor Axelsen? Lee Chong Wei? Ardy Wiranata? Morten Frost? Anders Antonsen? Or maybe someone else?

Surely, the longest winning streak in the modern era of men’s badminton was achieved by a very well-known badminton player. But who is the current record holder? Badmintonspeak gives you the answer

Top players with impressive winning streaks in men’s singles badminton

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the names mentioned at the top, are found on the top 10 list of the longest winning streak in men’s singles badminton.

In fact, one specific player appears a whopping 5 times on the top ten list of the longest winning streaks. Another appears twice. Only 5 different players made it onto the top 10 list.

The shortest winning streak on the top 10 list stands at “only” 24 wins in a row. But that’s still very impressive. Winning 24 consecutive matches in the modern era of men’s singles badminton is a massive accomplishment. The player who achieved that feat was a legendary player from China.

On top of the list is a player who achieved a whopping 37 straight wins. Imagine that. Keep in mind that we are talking about professional badminton at the very highest level. Not amateur or recreational badminton. Even if that player was the world number 1 at the time, he still would have to overcome highly skilled and superiorly motivated world-class players.

Before we reveal the result, bear in mind that we are talking about the modern era. For the purpose of this statistic, that means the period from 1986 onwards.

Lin Dan appears 5 times on the top 10 list over the course of 9 years!

Legendary badminton star Lin Dan saluting his flag at the Olympics

Lin Dan’s earliest winning streak record is from October 2003 to April 2004. His latest took place between July 2012 to June 2014. So nearly 9 years between his first and last campaign. In our opinion that is truly legendary. Lin Dan appears a total of 5 times on the top 10 list. He may not have the longest winning streak, but he truly deserves our respect and admiration.
Shout out to the classy player from China. He retired from professional badminton in 2020.

Thinking about the longest winning streak in men’s singles badminton, who do you think has the current record? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts. Please write your “guess” in the comments below.

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