Mental training can become your secret weapon both on- and off the badminton court.

We’ve all seen it many times on TV and in live badminton matches: certain players crack at some point in a match. Typically when the going gets tough. Or if things aren’t going according to plan. Other badminton players remain composed. They are in check regardless of the situation, the quality of their game, or, for that matter, the theatrics of their opponent.

The mental aspect of badminton is an extremely important component. Luckily, like any other muscle, our brain muscle (mindset) can be trained to perform better in different circumstances. 

Several well-known players regularly struggled with the mental part of the game.  Some of them improved their performance mentality by hiring a mental trainer. Viktor Axelsen, for instance, hired a well-known Danish mental trainer and coach B. S. Christiansen.  The collaboration between the two has made a real difference for Axelsen.

This article intends to give you first-hand knowledge of what mental training is, and how you can approach it. We’ve talked to players, coaches, and psychologists in order to understand the approximate impact of receiving mental training.

Creating a strong mental attitude and aptitude is possible for anyone who decides to focus on the mental aspects of the sport. That’s the good news. Because it means anyone can improve their mental attitude by focusing on mental training.

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